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Sexy blonde A++

26, Marseille profil Vues du: 653838
Nationalité Lithuanian
Ethnique Caucasiens
Hauteur, m 1.74
Poids, kg 51
Taille de seins B
Taille des chaussures, EUR 39
Couleur des cheveux Blond
Orientation Bisexuelle
Langues Anglais (★★★★★)
Russe (★★)
Disponible pour incall Private apartment
Propos I do this 'what I do naturally and best' for fun, as a very pleasurable leisure activity, to give and most definitely receive great pleasure. I really adore the feeling, the passion, the sight, the sound of taking a man to heaven! Some ladies stimulate their passions reading about hot adventures, fantasies, arouse their imagination with what-if's? ... Where I finally decided to stop wishing, stop fantasizing, just take my courage and embrace this intense profound desire and finally do what I have dreamed about, deeply fantasized and yearned for since my early teenage years! After my only major regret was; Oh why! - did I not 'move my ass' and do this so many years before! I wasted so many young tender years of great pleasure! What I do naturally-instinctively, it's truly my passion, my dreams, my absolute desire - favorite leisure-pleasure activity. Truly J’adore Q I am considered, elegant, intelligent, clutured, attractive, sexy, very charming, a natural, ideal partner for for pure adult funnnn!!
Disponibilité Je suis disponible 24/7
Téléphone +3376994056
Apps disponibles WhatsApp

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